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Ron Berry - Surrealistic Humorist - Insanity Inc

Mr. Giggles

On here are links to my favorite sites and authors. Hey, some of these sites are mine!!

This is WINGS (Writers Involved Nurturing Guiding Surviving), my organization for fighting abuse. No humor because there is nothing funny about abuse, spousal, child or animal. I am absolutely apalled at how some people treat others or the meanness they demonstrate towards animals. If you or anyone you know is suffering under these conditions, please visit:

I also do my share of reading so I write book reviews. Check the ones on this site and help support the arts by buying at least one copy of each. It's almost a holiday season (in the fall it's Christmas, In the spring it's mothers and fathers day). Besides enjoying them yourself, think of all the birthday's you have to buy for. Check out some of the best books ever written at:

Now, before you start attending all those holiday and birthday parties, you'll want some nice jewelry. I make very unique beaded necklaces and if so desired, matching earrings. Check them out at:

The following links are for some of the best authors on the planet. I have to start by listing my better half. This gal can write!! Her first book, Storm is fiction, or, is it? Check the reviews on my review site. You will NOT be disappointed! I have read hundreds of books, by some of the worlds greatest authors. Nothing comes close to this.
Janet Elaine Smith proves even a murder mystery can be funny. Ever have questions about the history of Scotland or wonder about ranches in South America? Janet takes you there and more. Every book she writes is an absolute dream.
As you may have guessed by now, Janet is a real character! Check it out!
You'll notice that on the front page I was traveling towards word mage. Well that is a very special group on the net. If you want top notch writers, you'll be checking that group because they all gathered there. You've seen some of them already (What?!? You haven't checked the other links above? You get your mouse up there right now!) When you come back down to here, check this group: